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English You're gonna put that Santa hat on so fast that you're gonna get fucking hat-burn. Internships abroad Join the bab. English I didn't want that fucking car and public what we did you know, we did. Definitioner Adjektiv idiomatic, vulgar damaged ; poorly manufactured ; injured idiomatic, vulgar morally reprehensible ; clearly and grossly objectionable idiomatic, vulgar in disarray or dishevelment emotionally or otherwise idiomatic, vulgar drunk ; wasted ; incredibly intoxicated not necessarily with alcohol. English bally blinking bloody blooming crashing flaming.

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Användningsexempel Användningsexempel för "fucking" på svenska Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel.

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English Look at all these fucking tasty-looking high school girls. English The cops are treating me like fucking royalty now, which is new in my experience. Ända sedan hon lämnade mig har jag vart helt förkrossad. Kontakt 7 ord. English I'm gonna have a fucking ball at mancala hour, aren't I? English Don't you just fucking hate it when a motherfucker stabs you in the back?

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